Video Production WEBSITE That CONVERTS Clients

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Video Production WEBSITE That CONVERTS Clients

Today you’ll learn how to create a video production website that actually works for you 24/7 pre-qualifying prospects and booking appointments for your business while you sleep!

Most filmmakers think that simply having a portfolio website showcasing their photo or video work, some generic value proposition and website copy and a way to contact them is enough.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today you'll discover how to:

  • Create a sales funnel to attract and convert video production clients on autopilot
  • Use paid ads to market your video production website and funnel
  • Generate pre-qualified clients that see you as an authority in your niche

The Strategy:

In today’s crowded marketplace your video production website NEEDS to stand out and be designed in a way that actually guides your prospects and potential clients through their buyer’s journey and down your sales funnel.

When people are looking for a video production company or freelance business they are for sure not looking at just the first best option.

Even if you don’t rank #1 on Google or don’t run any Facebook or Google Ads - you need to make EVERY click count.

What do you think - how many out of 100 visitors of your homepage turn into clients?

And do you have systems in place to attract and convert those who left?

This is why you need to optimize your website for conversions and design an actual sales funnel that guides your prospect through the buyer's journey before they turn into a paying client.

And instead of talking about your 30 years of experience and going on and on about yourself you need to actually craft copy that strikes a nerve in your prospects.

You need to know the exact problems, needs and desires you are solving and craft a clear message that makes them feel like you know their problems better than they do themselves.

A carefully designed video production website and sales funnel is essentially working for you 24/7, building up trust, positioning yourself as an authority and scheduling pre-qualified appointments on autopilot.

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