Video Business Bootcamp For Filmmakers & Video Producers

How To Book High-Paying & Recurring Video Clients With Predictability (Even DURING Lockdowns)

Tired of uncreative work, one-off projects, and the constant rollercoaster of highs and lows? 🤔

You’re not alone. Most filmmakers struggle to find consistent work, let alone get paid what they deserve. It doesn't have to be that way though. I want you to stop worrying about money so you can focus on doing what you love - creating videos!

No matter if you're a freelance filmmaker looking to go full-time or own a full-scale production company this bootcamp will help you attract & book more high-paying and recurring clients with ease.

Welcome To The Video Business Bootcamp 🚀

Ready to finally stop relying on networking, word of mouth, or referrals and take back full control over your business?

In this bootcamp you'll discover the exact process that will enable you to book more clients by building a consistent pipeline of leads - even during lockdowns!

You’ll be able to create the lifestyle you want for yourself without having to worry about low-paying clients, one-off projects, or the constant rollercoaster of highs and lows. 

The Video Business Bootcamp Agenda

Discover the power of an on-demand marketing system and follow our PROVEN process with 20+ hours of training to help you grow break free from the ‘hope marketing syndrome’ with targeted strategies that produce real results and high-paying clients on-demand!

This bootcamp is perfect for beginner to established video producers and takes you through the full process from making your first few sales, all the way up to getting $10k+ projects or 6-12 month content retainers by solving real business problems and unleashing the power of content distribution.

🎯 Fundamentals

  • How To Find & Get Remote Video Clients
  • How To Plan & Achieve Your Goals
  • 12 Steps To Booking Your DREAM Clients
  • Get Video Clients DURING Lockdowns

📣 Client Attraction - Marketing

  • Build A PREDICTABLE Client Outreach System
  • Proven Outreach & Networking Strategies
  • Video Production Website Reviews

💰 Client Conversion - Sales

  • Converting Complete Strangers Into Paying Clients
  • Preventing price shopping and low-paying clients.
  • Crafting a nerve striking message and clear positioning.

💪 Service Delivery

  • Driving Traffic & Sales With Content Distribution
  • Turn Content Into Sales Machines Through Paid Ads
  • Step-By-Step Facebook Ad Campaign Setup
  • Save 2 DAYS A Week Through Automation

🎁 BONUS Resources

  • Tools For MAXIMUM Productivity
  • Outreach Tracking Sheet
  • Prospecting & Sales Guide
  • Content Idea Generator Matrix
  • Production Cost Calculator
  • Retainer Video Marketing Budget Calculator
  • Yearly & Quarterly Objective Planning Template

Video Trainings


Hours Content


Proven Strategies

New Content Added Weekly

We are hosting weekly LIVE Q&A calls inside our free community where I'm not only answering your questions but also hosting FULL trainings based on your feedback.

We have over 1.4k members inside the community and no matter what questions you have from production to sales, marketing and distribution we've got you covered and make sure you get the help you need in our live trainings or new added resources.


Video Trainings 🎥

Your marketing and sales worries are over. These training videos will enable you to stop relying on networking, word of mouth, or referrals, and gain full control over the growth of your business today!

We're also covering proven strategies to turn your content into sales machines working for yourself AND your clients 24/7, enabling you to get away from one-off work and sell full content retainers.

Exclusive Worksheets & Templates 📝

I know the modern marketing and sales game can be frustrating. There's an overload of information on the internet, but little direction as to what will work for your production company.

That's why we put together a collection of worksheets and templates that'll save you time and help you make more money.

LIVE Zoom Q&A Calls
And Trainings 💬 

Join me on our weekly video marketing and sales Q&A calls. I'll answer your questions with step-by-step, actionable answers that will help you fast-track your results.

We also host website and outreach reviews as well as more FULL trainings based on your feedback.

Limited Time UNBEATABLE Offer 🎁

This business bootcamp offers more than just a new perspective, it equips you with actionable insights and proven systems to start generating high-paying and recurring clients today.

For those who are looking for the industry’s most comprehensive marketing & sales resource for an unbeatable price, this is your chance to master all of the essential secrets to start selling your video services with ease - without cold calls, spamming people or sleazy sales tactics.

No matter if you're taking your first steps or already a walking pro, this Video Business Boot Camp has practical advice proven successful by other video creators and filmmakers just like yourself.

Enroll NOW for just: 


$27 /month

or $12 /month if paid yearly


My promise to you 🤝

If for any reason, you are not completely blown away by the value you get in this bootcamp & membership, you will get a full refund within 14 days. You can switch plans or cancel through the member portal at any time!

Get full digital access & new content every month: 
  • New Content & Resources Added Monthly
  • Private Slack Community with direct access to rob
  • Get access To Weekly Training and Q&A Zoom Calls
  • All payments discounted from future courses
  • How to find & get remote video clients
  • How To Plan & Achieve Your Goals
  • 12 Steps To Booking Your DREAM Clients
  • Build A PREDICTABLE Client Outreach System
  • Proven Outreach & Networking Strategies
  • Turn Complete Strangers Into High-Paying Clients
  • Driving Traffic & Sales With Content Distribution
  • Turn Content Into Sales Machines Through Paid Ads
  • Step-By-Step Facebook Ad Campaign Setup
  • How To Create 3 Months of Content In 3 Days

20+ hours training content

Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls

10+ Marketing & Sales Templates and Cheatsheets

Hey, I'm Rob 👋 Let me introduce myself...

After quitting my 50k subscribers channel to start film school in 2013, I quickly started to realize a common problem in our industry. Most creatives around me were treating their job like an expensive hobby, obsessed with gear and fancy transitions, and seemed to forget they are running an actual business.

While graduating from film school, I decided to go all-in on video marketing and spent thousands of hours and dollars and got addicted to building systems for generating clients and driving measurable results.

However it hurt to see other video producer's amazing content die on social media, or seeing my filmmaking friends struggling to make a living with no idea where their next client would come from.

So in 2018, I decided to merge my passions for Video, Teaching & Marketing and started my mission to help other creatives gain full control over the growth of their business.

Since then, I've been consulting with dozens of filmmakers, providing them with the support & systems they need to achieve the financial & creative freedom they deserve.

Let me ask you a question...

Do you want to stop relying on networking, word of mouth or referrals? Do you need to find work quickly and start getting more retainer and high-paying clients? If yes - this bootcamp is all you need to start getting lucrative work and find true freedom in your career as a professional filmmaker or video producer.

It doesn't matter if want to book specific type of jobs or clients, work with agencies or just gain more control, this training, resources and our weekly LIVE trainings will get the ball rolling.

✅ Who this IS for:

  • Video creators or filmmakers that KNOW how to produce quality video content but are lacking a consistent pipeline full of work they actually want to produce.
  • Creatives that know it takes change to get change and that are willing to put in the work to build a real business with systems to market, sell and distribute their work.
  • Beginner to pro creatives that are tired of the constant highs and lows or having to compete for low paying work or one-off projects. In this bootcamp we're all about creating content that actually get's results and solving real business problems.

🛑 Who this is NOT for:

  • Video creators stuck in "gear nirvana" or suffering from "gear acquisition syndrom" because they think that better video "quality" will get them more work, constantly distracted by the next best shiny object and treating their job like an expensive hobby.
  • Filmmakers and video producers that just want to produce pretty videos with crazy zoom transitions that don't solve actual business problems or get results for their clients.
  • Creatives that always blame outside factors like that client who doesn't understand their value, the competitor who's undercutting their price or the fact they don't have this or that piece of equipment or god knows what. This bootcamp will help you solve all of these problems - but only if you take full responsibility and take action!

Start booking more clients this week!

This bootcamp is everything you need to kickstart your video production business and start getting more high-paying (retainer) clients on-demand and with predictability.

It's time to stop relying on networking, word of mouth, or referrals, and gain full control over the growth of your business today - see you on the other side: