June 11


So you want to find clients for video production and sell your video services, but now you’re wondering how to actually find video clients?

Today you will learn some of the best ways to find clients for video production and no longer need to worry about how to find clients as a videographer / filmmaker.

Today you'll discover how to:

  • Find businesses “Lead Buckets” on Google, Google Maps and Yelp 
  • Use LinkedIn & Facebook for Market Research and finding leads (potential clients) 
  • Get the Lead Generation template for tracking your video production leads 
  • Use tools to automate finding clients and discover hidden business emails 
  • Qualify businesses that need video production services 
  • Test and improve your client outreach  

After this video finding video production clients will no longer be a problem and all you need to do is selling video production services.

The Strategy:

First, we will find so-called “lead buckets” which is basically any place online where you can find a lot of potential customers. If you are selling your video services to businesses this might be a simple Google Maps search or Yellowpages.

When looking for video clients you can also use LinkedIn & Facebook searches and groups or take things to the next level by finding video clients through LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator (which will cost you some money).

The best part: You’ll not just learn how to find video clients but also how to automate the task of collecting all the contact details for potential clients!

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