31 Ways To Get Video Production Clients

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31 Ways To Get Video Clients

Is not being able to get new video clients when you need them a fear for you? 🤔

One thing that holds filmmakers back from starting their video production company is the fear that they won't be able to secure any clients.

And I'm with you on this one...

But as it turns out there are MANY different ways for you to get new video clients with predictability. Today you will learn about 31 WAYS to find and get video clients for your video production company or freelance video business! 🤯

Without relying on referrals, word of mouth, networking or creating lots of social media content - unless you want to! 🙏

In this training video, I pull back the curtain and show you exactly how you can get clients for your video production business.

Stop wondering how to get more video production clients - Today you'll discover:

  • Proven strategies on how to find and get video clients 🔎
  • Strategies to sell your photo or video services to those leads (potential clients) 🤝
  • Marketing strategies for your video or photo production company 🎯
  • How to pay to get clients through social media marketing and Google Ads 📈

With these strategies, you can finally stop relying on hope and start taking control over the growth of your business. 🚀

The common mistake when starting a production company:

Most filmmakers or photographers start out their business like this:

  1. They decide to pursue their passion and try to get great at what they do.
  2. They build a website that talks about their expertise.
  3. They set up their social media profiles and start promoting their video production business.
  4. They wait for clients to come to them or being referred

When it's laid out like that, you can see the obvious flaws. And yet, this is how a lot of filmmakers and photographers try to start their freelance business. 🙄

They think that simply being good at what they do is enough to have clients knocking on their door.  But you need to be more than good to get attention. 👀

Win or loose:

I'm sure you've noticed that in the filmmaking industry people fall into one of two categories:

1) The Hustlers - They make some money sometimes and no money most of the time or are spending waaaay too much time making far too little. 💳😱⏳

2) The Rainmakers - People who are absolutely crushing it, making more and more money and spending less and less time. 🌅🛫💵

What is it that makes some of these content creators make hundreds of thousands, travel the world and build wealth?
While other filmmakers make less than they could in a full-time job and struggle to make rent?!

After talking to hundreds of videographers and being in this industry for years I realized that the successful content creators have two key things in place.

It's not about getting clients - here's the REAL problem:

Most content creators today are obsessed with social media, new equipment, and the next best shiny new object.

Completely blind and sucked into the worlds of all these fake-gurus telling you to "hustle more" and get that newest piece of tech...

They are telling you to post daily on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, to start a podcast and blog. 

But you need to understand that this is just noise in a crowded world. 

Here is the kicker:

While this might work for some, the majority is left wondering how your next client will find you or how you will find them and stuck relying on word of mouth, referrals and networking.

That's what I call hope. 🎲🙏

Stop relying on hope and good will to get more video clients:

Now I don't know about you but I don't want to run my business based on hope.

Now, remember how I told you that the content creators who are killing it have two things in place that the hustlers don't? 

These two things are:

📌 1. High quality, converting and targeted traffic (or people) 
📌 2. A system that will convert that traffic into high paying clients who keep coming back

Because it comes down to this: 

If you can't pay money or have a proven system to acquire a new video or photo client - then you don't have a business. 

Because once you have your foundations in place there are only two things that matter in any video production business and they are:

📌 1. Generating video client meetings
📌 2. Conducting video client meetings and selling your video services

If you're not making the income that you want in your video or photo business then let me ask you these two questions:

1) How many video client meetings did you do in the last 7 days? 
2) What did you do in the last 7 days to generate new video client meetings?

You see... in this industry it's easy to get distracted by all these activities and new shiny objects but the raw reality is that you only need to do these two things. 🔑

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