Stop relying on networking, word of mouth or referrals.

We help you book more high-value and recurring video production clients on-demand through proven marketing, sales & service delivery systems.

Our vision & mission

We believe that creatives can collectively inspire, change and improve the world if you let them.

We provide the community, education, tools, systems & support to help them achieve financial and creative freedom and make the world a more creative and abundant place.

Most creatives are stuck with

The same old story...

If you don't have a predictable way to find, reach and close new clients when you need them you don't have a business but an expensive hobby.

When referrals and repeat work run dry most are throwing up their arms or get sucked into gear nirvana on YouTube distracted by that newest piece of shiny gear that might finally help them book more work.

Yet 9 out of 10 creatives are stuck with...

Repetitive low-quality or uncreative work

Without a proven strategy they are stuck in the draining cycle of unfulfilling work forced to take on any project that pays the bills.

No method to reach new clients when needed

When things go slow they scramble to find or reach new clients with no clear messaging or method to get their attention.

Stuck taking orders VS closing sales

Used to warm inbound leads most creatives struggle to close the deal and negotiate the prices they actually deserve for their work.

Working in not on the business

If they do manage to close a deal most creatives are forever stuck working in their business with no systems to actually keep growing.

Introducing the creative freedom system

We have taken the guesswork out of growing your video business by developing the ultimate system to attract, convert & keep clients on-demand and with predictability.

Creative Freedom System

The 4 key systems your business needs

"Build it and they will come" is nothing but a beautiful lie propagated through wishful thinking and influencers that got lucky in a sea full of creatives undercutting each other for work.

Everything is connected. No house can be build without a foundation and the same is true for your business. No part can be looked at in isolation or everything might break.

  • Value creation & positioning - for your target clients.
  • Marketing systems - to get their attention on-demand.
  • Sales systems - to convert attention into closed deals.
  • Delivery systems - to keep clients & scale your biz.

How we can help you

Book more video clients - guaranteed...

Our holistic approach to marketing, sales and service delivery leaves no stone left unturned. We know what it takes to succeed as a creative in our ever more demanding and competitive world - bridging the gap between creativity and business.

Weekly 1on1 and group coaching Q&A calls

Ask your questions live in one of our 2x weekly group Zoom calls or weekly 1on1 coaching calls to stay accountable and win.

Private creative business community

You can't and won't do this alone and no one expects you to - neither do we which is why are all in on our community.

On-demand training courses & cheatsheets

Our training videos, cheatsheets and worksheets leave no stone left unturned when it comes to running your video business.

Custom built tools & resources

Whatever you need to market, sell or deliver your services - we probably have a tool or workflow for that. If not, we'll build it.

This works for you if...

You know what it takes to produce quality content and all you need are more (or the right) clients. You know that video quality alone won't get you more work and that it takes doing things different to get different results.

  • Video producers & directors
  • Editors & motion designers
  • Freelance creatives
  • Agency owners

Get started in 3 simple steps...

Step 1 - Book your free blueprint call

What does the customer get from buying your product or service.

Step 2 - Master all areas of your business

To find benefits, ask yourself: “What result will they obtain?

Step 3 - Achieve ultimate creative freedom

Take one of the features of your offer and add “this will allow you to…” 

No matter if you're only starting out or have been in business for decades this short call is guaranteed to help you 10x your marketing & sales process:

Resources to 10x your video business:

Book your free blueprint call today!

We'll sit down together and map out the exact systems you need to start booking more high-value video clients on-demand and with predictability: