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About Me.

My name is Robert Zinke and I've made it my mission to help filmmakers and video production companies generate more high-value clients with predictability.

After quitting my 50k subscribers channel (teaching motion graphics) to start film school in 2013 I quickly started to realize a common problem in our industry - most creatives are treating their job like an expensive hobby, obsessed with gear and fancy transitions and forgot they are running an actual business.

So while graduating from film school I went all-in on video marketing and spent thousands of hours and dollars on building a repeatable system for generating clients and drive measurable results.

I eventually got sick and tired of seeing amazing content dying on social media, or worse, talented creatives struggling to make a living with no idea where their next client will come from riding the wave of constant highs and low.

Now I made it my mission to help creatives gain back full control over the growth of their business and gain financial and creative freedom.

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