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About Me.

Hey 👋 my name is Robert Zinke. I started YouTube in 2008 and grew to 50k subscribers with over 3M views on videos teaching motion graphics.

In 2013 I quit YouTube to pursue film school, where I got my bachelor's degree and learned the ins and outs of video production but started to realize a common problem among our industry... Great content is just half the equation.

During film school, I started selling marketing services and spent thousands of dollars and hours learning marketing and sales. I was sick and tired of seeing great content die on social media and KNEW the potential of video when done right.

Heck... I was getting hundreds of thousands of views before and knew there are millions of eyeballs and audiences I could help my clients tap into. The "worst" part - I was getting paid 3x more for half the work when NOT selling video production services.

After graduating with a first degree (not like that would get me more work) in 20019, I decided to go all-in on my passions of teaching, filmmaking, and marketing and started my mission to helping filmmakers supercharge their own AND their clients marketing.

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